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    Mayday Parade - Jersey [x]

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    Hands Like Houses - Introduced Species [x]

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    So I’ll carry you with me, you’ll always be my memory.

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    "guess since im a white man im not allowed to have opinions"

    your opinions have shaped the world we live in today not being catered to for 83.9 seconds will not fuckin kill you

    Okay. I’m a straight white man. If my opinions don’t matter, then it looks like feminism and equal…

    Things aren’t equal if certain groups even have this privilege you speak of. Everyday I experience the harsh reality of having no privilege, while you bask in it. And many of you even take it for granted! You can’t speak about equality until you too are surrendered to the inequality.

    I grew up on the streets. I’ve been homeless more times than I’d like to admit. I was jobless and about to go to jail up until I was 25. I fail to see where that privilege you’re talking about is. I fail to see how I’m basking in it at all. Tell me where my privilege is. Excuse me for being a straight white male, but just because I’m straight, white, and male, don’t anyone assume that because of those things anyone automatically has it good. Granted, the struggles might be different, but just because a bunch of rich white men are rich, white, and men and have all this privilege and can do whatever the fuck they want does not mean I can for the same reasons. Don’t you dare think I’m lessening you’re struggles because I can NOT compare my life to anyone else’s, but don’t you fucking sit there and tell me that I’m fucking basking in this bullshit privilege when I had to steal to eat.

    Getting pissed off at all straight white men JUST because they’re straight white men is the stupidest fucking thing in the world. ESPECIALLY the ones that are openly feminists. HOLY SHIT they fucking GET that there is inequality and they SUPPORT the fucking movement but because they are straight white men, they should fuck right the fuck off because their support means jack shit? Seriously, What good will that ever do in this world? HOW does that help what we are fighting for? If we make them feel like their support here isn’t welcome, then how the FUCK do you expect the goddamn world to change? 

    Any one who openly hates ALL straight white males because of ‘privilege’ can get the fuck off the planet and realize YOU ARE NO BETTER THAN THOSE BELITTLE OUT PROBLEMS. 

    Can we all just realize that not all men are dick bags, and not all women are fucking saints. There are good and bad people in every fucking movement, and if we belittle the efforts of the male feminists then what the fuck are we fighting for anyways? 

    "Thanks for trying, but since you’re a straight white male it doesn’t count, suck some dick and then we’ll think about accepting your support and struggles as ‘real’"

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    darling, you don’t have to be chiseled marble cut from stone

    with a jaw like an arrow

    you can be soft in all the ‘wrong’ places

    your teeth can be crooked

    symmetry isn’t always beautiful

    you can have hair that doesn’t quite lie the right way

    your arms don’t have to rippled with prominent…


  8. I’m in a constant battle of how I view myself. And I may be losing the fight but I’m holding on

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    Self Image.

    (( Here’s a current work in progress from my art class. This is only a portion of the piece, but I kinda like it, so… ))

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